My Sheri Crafts #164

Check out the newest theme over at My Sheri Crafts. It's all about reaching out to those you haven't seen in ages.  We've all made these types of cards... thinking of you... miss you... hello...
Well it's time to showcase those cards or project!

I have been hoarding a lot of papers and I decided to use up some from Close to My Heart.  This is from the Wings collection.  The stamp is from Michael's Crafts.  Flourish are Spellbinders.  The rolled up flowers are Sizzix.  I think I used up too much inking... the flowers look black!  LoL!  They are actually very dark burgundy


Card size: 4.25" x 5.5"

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Altered Cans

Pencil Holder

I'm pretty sure that you have looked at an ordinary item and thought to yourself, "I can do something with this."  Well, that's exactly what I do with Planter Peanuts cans (after I eat them).  I make children's coin banks or pencil holders with them

Since school is starting soon, the kids had asked me to make them pencil holders.  They chose the papers from my stash (all from DCWV).  They wouldn't allow me to embellish them though.  I wanted to put their names on them or at least something but they said NO... denied!  The one above is for my eldest daughter and the one below is for my second daughter

For my youngest... my little boy... I was able to at least add the image of Minions which he absolutely go crazy for

Since I was already in the "altering cans" mood, I decided to make some for myself.  I needed them anyway. 

These are covered with papers from Close to My Heart.  The flourish and frames are Spellbinders and the rolled up flowers are Sizzix.  I found the quotes online

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Soap Dispenser

Decorated Soap Dispenser

I decided to decorate another soap dispenser since the first one I made is holding up so well and that one gets abused on a daily basis.  This one is going to make it's home in my Guest / Craft Bathroom since the theme is red and a soft yellow... or at least those are the colors of the towels in there.  I used Goo Begone to remove the labels.  The Flourish is a Spellbinder and I just glued the silk leaves and flowers.  The gems are glued with glue dots... they seem to survive getting water on them.
Below is the first soap dispenser I decorated for My Sheri Crafts #158

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My Sheri Crafts #163

It's time to take a break from card-making and on to other crafts.  The newest theme over at My Sheri Crafts is to create any decor project.  Design Team Sister, Sarah, wants to see your decor... so let's show them to her!

A couple of years ago, I made a calendar for My Sheri Crafts #92 for a school themed project.  Since I only used that calendar specifically for school events (and it no longer exists), I decided to make a new one.  This one is a bit more modern to match my craft room... that's where it lives.  It is a magnetic dry erase white board.  I use it for all my monthly events.

Some of you may recognize the ribbon... yes, it's from My Sheri Crafts #91... Yeah ok... so I make a lot of crafts and I don't always use them all or give them away.  They end up somewhere hung up or displayed in my house.  Also, the picture of the girls next to it... yeah, that's like 9 years old but my teenagers don't want any pictures of their current selves displayed anywhere

Above is a picture of September so you can see how clean it looks without all the clutter.  Don't you just love the sleek black wooden frame?

I created all the months and days using SCAL and the font is called Impact.  Below you can see the rest of the months.  I adhered a few of those circle magnets on the back of each so they pop out a little when it's on the board.

The days of the month are from Cricut cartridge: Designer's Calendar and they are mounted on small square strips of printable magnetic sheets because I wanted to keep them as flat as possible

The squares were made from 1/4" Art Tape shown above.  This is not permanent so in the future, I can remove the tape easily and reuse the white board for something else

These were the original magnetic cutouts I made for the first calendar... I'm reusing them, of course!  I will eventually replace them since I don't like them anymore.  Oh and don't look at those little "gym" buttons since those aren't being used and neither are the "park" buttons... we're in the middle of Hurricane Season here so pretty much rains everyday

If you were patient enough to read my entire post of silliness... thank you!

Calendar size: 36" x 24"

Thanks for looking!

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