My Sheri Crafts #115

For My Sheri Crafts theme this time... I decided to create another wreath.  Design Team sister, Charlotte, chose a "travel" theme.  Any project that has to do with traveling.  

Well, back in MSC Challenge #86, I did a project for my daughter, Zenica, to display the shells she collected.  She had so many shells that she asked if she could display some in a different way. 

This wreath is what we came up with.  My daughter and I created this together

The wreath is Michael's Crafts and the greenery is left over from my project in MSC Challenge #110

Thanks for looking!

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  1. What a wonderful way to spend time together with your daughter making this project! :) I love the sea shells, etc that you put on this wreath! Wonderful job to you both! :)

  2. What a wonderfully beautiful and useful way to put to great use those seashells your DD found on her beach travels, as well as making it together and creating a treasured memory and decor piece -- a 3-way WIN!!!

  3. This is beautiful! How wonderful that you and your daughter could create together!

  4. Raquel,
    What can I say that the other girls haven't..... Just wonderful as always. Such a crafty lady.


  5. Raq, what a fun mother-daughter project! They are more than just shells-they are memory capsules for your family to enjoy in the years to come! And what better way to display them than through a lovely, beach-themed wreath!

  6. How creative! Love the shells on the wreath! Such a beautiful display!